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More technology, more innovations, more emotional appeal - all in a new June timeslot. This sums up how CeBIT is reinventing itself for Generation Y, starting in 2018

"We are redefining CeBIT, with our sights set on establishing it as Europe's No. 1 platform and festival for digital technology, innovation and business development for the digital economy," announced Deutsche Messe's Managing Board member Oliver Frese on Wednesday in Hannover.

CeBIT 2018 will be held from 11 to 15 June, with the Hannover Exhibition Center's iconic wooden EXPO Canopy at the heart of a digital campus filling the open-air site.


Day 1(2018/6/11)将举办数字商业领袖与政府决策者之间的高层对话,仅限于记者和迎宾晚会出席者参加

Day 2-4 (2018/6/12-14)将分别举办数字经济、数字技术和数字对话活动,重点聚焦解决方案提供商及其客户


Day 5 (2018/6/15) 开放日



The revamped CeBIT will revolve around the open-air site, with the EXPO canopy as its central hub.(改造后的CeBIT将以EXPO canopy为中心围绕露天场地布展。

"The open-air site is where we will set up a central d!campus for meet-ups and encounters, showcases, open-air demonstrations, dialogue and party-style get-togethers," explained Frese.



The halls around the d!campus will house the three main pillars of the reinvented CeBIT: d!conomy(数字经济), d!tec(数字技术) and d!talk(数字对话). The d!conomy showcase will be where digital solution providers and their commercial and public-sector customers will get down to business. 

 Disruptive technologies, research institutes and startups(颠覆性技术、研究机构和初创企业) will be on front and center stage at the new technology festival called d!tec. And last but not least, the d!talk program will offer rich opportunities for dialogue, debate and knowledge-sharing in a series of conferences, workshops and keynotes held at various locations throughout the grounds.




Oliver Frese  remarked

  汉诺威展览公司董事会成员奥利弗·弗里斯  评论


"We are teaming up with the digital industry to rebuild CeBIT from the ground up," remarked Frese. "It's going to be more fun and entertaining, more astonishing, brighter and bolder, and open up new vistas like never before - at times even in an intentionally provocative way. For participating companies and organizations, the new CeBIT will be a lead-generating powerhouse, delivering win-win outcomes and added value for all concerned. At the same time, major emphasis is being placed on creating emotional appeal to resonate with the Generation Y crowd now surging onto the marketplace, brimming with confidence and bright new ideas," he added.


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